Users Login Monitor

Users Login Monitor” – Бесплатный плагин, который предназначен для того, чтобы ежедневно уведомлять администратора сайта, предоставляя список пользователей, которые логинились в течении суток.

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New Users Monitor

New Users Monitor” – A freeware plugin that will help you quickly find out that you have already been hacked. This is main task of ‘NUM’. Well, in general, ‘NUM’ will inform about the appearance of a new user in WP. If you are an administrator, then such an event is important to you.

* All new users will be highlighted in red until Admin confirm each of them in User-Profile.

* This plugin has already helped out many times when some of our sites were hacked. But we quickly found out about it. And we were able to fast stop the problem.

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