Excited! Testimonials Showcase. (WPGear edition)


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The system reviews your site’s visitors. Customizable styles based on multiple templates allow harmoniously fit into usable feedback on the site theme. Perhaps the plug is a bit heavy, but it’s worth it.


  • Panel SettingsContacts plus Rratings
    Initially, only one select any of these options. A strange decision.

  • Contacts
    If necessary, you can display this information to a separate unit. But this is not essential.

  • Star RatingIn addition, fixed – incorrect display of background stars rating.

  • Read-More
    You’d be surprised, but a lot of visitors are not even aware that you can open an additional window with a profile of the author of a comment and read a review and not just see its title))

See a working example of a modified plugin Excited! Testimonials Showcase.


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