Simple Google Maps Short Code (WPGear edition)


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  • Author: Pippin Williamson
  • Version: 1.2
  • Description: This plugin will enable a simple short code that you can use for embedding Google Maps in any WordPress post or page. The short code uses the WordPress HTTPS API and the Transients API for delivering cached maps with little to no impact on your site’s performance.

    Maps are displayed with the [pw_map] short code.

Transform a simple Google maps publishing plugin into a convenient tool for map studies and browsers.
This plugin does not have the PRO version with functionality. In fact, we got a new standalone product.

Easy to use plugin is to place shortcode on a page or in the post.
For example:

[pw_map address="Москва" width="50%" height="200px" disablecontrols="true" enablescrollwheel="false"]

Nothing extra. Basic functions API Google Maps. But that is not enough…

We add the ability to use advanced API functions, and it immediately goes plugin to a new level. Even Google Maps Web interface does not have such tools!

  • Simple Google Maps Short Code. Panel-Bar

    Now at the top of the map there is a new toolbar, with which you can choose the color of lines and shapes to draw, move, draw a Circle, Rectangles, Polynomials, broken and straight Lines, change their color, delete and resize.

  • Simple Google Maps Short Code. Axis
    Perhaps, in some cases, such an opportunity will also be in demand. On the map imposed certain figure (Pattern as a set of lines, polynomials, etc.), and user can move Pattern to any new point.

See a working example of a modified plugin Simple Google Maps Short Code.


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