Users Login Monitor

Users Login Monitor” – A freeware plugin, for daily-notify site administrator, about users who logged in during the day.


  • Ext Security.
  • Even without going to the site admin area, you will be informed about the activity of the current day.
  • Any person can be a recipient of notifications. Not necessarily the Administrator.
  • Now in the Admin console you have a new widget with a list of users in order of decreasing Login time.
  • Determine and save the IP address, device and browser details, from which the was made Login. (if your server is configured correctly)
  • It is important to understand that the time to enter the site and the time of the last activity of the user are different events.


New Users Monitor

New Users Monitor” – A freeware plugin that will help you quickly find out that you have already been hacked. This is main task of ‘NUM’. Well, in general, ‘NUM’ will inform about the appearance of a new user in WP. If you are an administrator, then such an event is important to you.


  • Ext Security.
  • You may not know that your site has already been hacked. Set the scan period for the Database. (1 hour – default)
  • There are many ways to add a new user to the system, without your knowledge. (even with the inactive WP option “Anyone can register”)
  • This plugin will promptly notify you that a new user has registered on your site. If a new user appears (and if it is not legitimate, then it is more likely that it will be an Administrator), you will be notified by mail.
  • Now the console has a widget that displays all new users. Now in the Admin console you have a new widget with a list of new users, and those that you have not yet confirmed are highlighted in red. A new user, even with Administrator rights, can not confirm himself.