Lightbox Plus Colorbox

To improve and complement this plugin is not necessary. Just noticed that during its work on the sites where the primary language is not English, there is a lot of errors in the log file associated with the reference to the translation files. Although it does not affect the performance of the plugin.
But it is worth spending 5 minutes of treatment, especially if your site has many photos, videos and images.

Lightbox Plus Colorbox. StylesPerhaps the most functionally complete and open plugin of all the plugins for working with images. Many customization options allow you to organize the display of pictures exactly as you want it. And most importantly – all plugin capabilities included in its free base set! You could even say that the majority of the paid PRO similar plugins – it’s a stripped-down version of the Lightbox Plus Colorbox.

Lightbox Plus Colorbox. SettingsBy the way, it should be noted that the Lightbox Plus Colorbox is not included in the official WordPress repository. The reasons for this are not clear completely. The plugin your own website and it is very popular. Just even wondered why…

Constantly generated PHP-Errors new entries forced to spend time analyzing the log file, but no translation for the plug-in and do not need – it’s pictures! Therefore, remove the cause of their occurrence.

  • Of course, those who do not look at what is happening in the report file, and they do not know that there is something we must correct plugin. But when the log file will grow to giant size, it is inevitable there will be problems with server performance.

All images on our site opened with Lightbox Plus Colorbox.

Get access to the description page of the modification process and download files.

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