PHP lib: phpExcel for WP5.7 (PHP 7.4)

Popular phpExcel library does not work under new WordPress 5.7 and higher, because WP5.7 requires PHP 7.4
As a result, exporting data to an Excel file does not work.

You can switch to new, alternative, modern tools for exporting to Excel tables, or continue to use the familiar phpExcel library, but specially modified for the requirements of PHP 7.4

This modification (2024.05.10 PHP 7.4.3) was done independently, taking into account the flow of falling out errors. It is likely that over time, new problem areas will be identified, but at the moment they are not. All the features you need (for me anyway) work great.

There are no evil facking-hack inclusions. Guaranteed.

List of changes:

* This library is already included in the set of WordPress libraries .

Free to download.

Download “phpExcel lib for WP5.7 (PHP 7.4)” – Downloaded 2551 times – 932 KB

4 thoughts on “PHP lib: phpExcel for WP5.7 (PHP 7.4)”

  1. Thank you very much for the work of the phpExcel library for php7.4. I had to make some adjustments. If you require them, I can send them to you. I ask if we can do the PHP8.1 thank you very much

  2. Please send me PHPExcel for php 8.1
    I need to upgrade PHPExcel for PHP 8.1


  3. Hello,

    is this also available for PHP 8.2 ?

    i need it please.


    1. PHP 8.2
      I haven’t tested yet. Sorry.
      As soon as I have the opportunity, I will definitely check and write a report.
      Now I do not have such a free server for testing.

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