Simple Google Maps Short Code

Transform a simple Google maps publishing plugin into a convenient tool for map studies and browsers.
This plugin does not have the PRO version with functionality. In fact, we got a new standalone product.

Easy to use plugin is to place shortcode on a page or in the post.
For example:

[pw_map address="Москва" width="50%" height="200px" disablecontrols="true" enablescrollwheel="false"]

Nothing extra. Basic functions API Google Maps. But that is not enough…

We add the ability to use advanced API functions, and it immediately goes plugin to a new level. Even Google Maps Web interface does not have such tools!

  • Simple Google Maps Short Code. Panel-Bar

    Now at the top of the map there is a new toolbar, with which you can choose the color of lines and shapes to draw, move, draw a Circle, Rectangles, Polynomials, broken and straight Lines, change their color, delete and resize.

  • Simple Google Maps Short Code. Axis
    Perhaps, in some cases, such an opportunity will also be in demand. On the map imposed certain figure (Pattern as a set of lines, polynomials, etc.), and user can move Pattern to any new point.

See a working example of a modified plugin Simple Google Maps Short Code.

Get access to the description page of the modification process and download files.

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