Decimal Product Quantity for WooCommerce

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Products like: Pizza, Liquid on the filling, Custom weight, etc.

The plugin makes it possible to sell Products as whole or in parts: 0.5 1.5 etc.

For example:

  • Pizza. You can sell 1.5 Pizzas, or a quarter. With the price set for 1 piece.
  • Liquids on tap. For example, Kerosene or Olive oil. You can sell 1.5 liters, with the price set for 1 liter.
  • Bulk materials. For example, Tobacco or Golden Sand. You can sell 0.1 g at a price quoted for 1 g.

= Futured =

* You can set the Minimum product quantity for all Products by default (preset = 1). But at the same time, each Product / Categories can have its own Minimum Quantity value.
* You can set the Step of Changing the quantity of goods for all Products by default (preset = 1). But at the same time, each Product / Categories can have its own value for the Change in Quantity Step.
* You can set the Default – Choice product quantity for all Products by default (preset = 1). But at the same time, each Product / Categories can have its own Default – Choice Quantity value.
* You can set the Maximum product quantity for all Products. But at the same time, each Product / Categories can have its own Maximum Quantity value.
* Auto correction “No valid value” customer enters to nearest valid value.
* Auto correction considering with “Maximum allowed for Product”.
* Column “Quantity” on Products List.
* Update Cart Automatically on Quantity Change (AJAX Cart Update)
* You can set a “Value Label” for each individual Item. Individually or as a whole for the Category. For example: “Price per Meter”, “Price per Liter”.
* It is possible to use Product – JS Object for Ext.Integration: QNT_Data. Function: DPQW_Get_QuantityData (Product_ID).

* Works with WP 6.3 (min 5.0)
* Works with WooCommerce v8.0.2 (min v3.4.8)

Version: 10.31 (2023.08.29) You can download it from here

Download “” – Downloaded 179 times – 23 KB

Or from the Official WordPress Repository

Previous Stable Releases:
– v9.29 (2023.07.31)

– v8.25 (2023.05.24)

– v7.23 (2023.05.08)

– v6.21 (2023.04.06)

– v5.20 (2023.04.01)

== Installation ==

  1. Upload ‘decimal-product-quantity-for-woocommerce’ folder to the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Go to Settings: Products -> Decimal Quantity. Set: Min cart Quantity, Max cart Quantity, Step change Quantity, Default preset Quantity (default preset = 1).
  4. If you have any problems – please ask for support.

== Frequently Asked Questions ==

== Screenshots ==

  1. screenshot-1.png Admin page | WooCommerce Products -> Decimal Quantity. Here are the all Options: “Defaults for all Products” and Setup.
  2. screenshot-2.png Admin page | WooCommerce Products -> Decimal Quantity. Validation Settings.
  3. screenshot-3.png Admin page | WooCommerce Products -> All Products. Column “Quantity”. “Price Unit-Label” in Column Price.
  4. screenshot-4.png Admin page | Product -> General. Here are the Fields: “Minimum cart Quantity”, “Step change Quantity”, “Default preset Quantity”, “Maximum cart Quantity”, “Price Unit-Label” which override the “default” values.
  5. screenshot-5.png Front page | Product page. The Quantity field has a Decimal value. “Price Unit-Label”.
  6. screenshot-6.png Front page | Cart page. The Quantity field has a Decimal value. Subtotals / Totals are recalculated.
  7. screenshot-7.png Admin page| WooCommerce Products -> Categories. “Price Unit-Label” and “Quantity options” for all Products in this Category..

30 thoughts on “Decimal Product Quantity for WooCommerce”

  1. I am using hello barn product table. I have variation products. Can a default amount be added to your min max amounts? example min 5.60 step 7.40 default 233.40

    1. It is interesting. I’ll try to add this feature in the next version.

  2. Hello
    We use your useful Decimal Product Quantity Version 1.6.1 for WooCommerce Version 6.5.1 and it work’s good
    but we use smart manager Version 6.0.0 the stock is ok with decimal but the total sales from woo commerce doesn’t show decimals
    i don’t know if it is possible to get decimals in total sale ?
    best regards

  3. Hello,
    I hope my message finds you well and healthy!

    I like your plugin Decimal Product Quantity for WooCommerce and it is very usefull but was wondering if its possible to display quantity field to all pages like shop,home etc.
    It would be more awesome if it is compatible with ajax requests.

    Best Regards,
    Yanis Pavlos

  4. Good afternoon.
    When a minimum order is defined (for example, 10)
    and number step is defined (for example 5)
    The customer cannot manually enter 11,12,13… and place an order.

    It would be nice to be able to set the step by pressing -+.
    But do not block the order when manually entering the desired quantity.
    If no minimum quantity is specified.

    1. Deactivate the “Auto-Correction Quantity” Option and you can enter any Quantity.

      1. Unfortunately this doesn’t help.
        My settings:
        v. 7.22
        Auto correction “No valid Value” customer enters to nearest valid value Quantity – OFF

        Minimum : 30
        Default Set : 30
        Step change +/- : 30

        With this setting, the customer cannot order 61 or 62 quantities.
        The message appears: “This value seems to be invalid.”

        1. Interesting.
          My Plugin does not have the message “This value seems to be invalid.”
          Can I see a link to this product of yours?
          Activate the “View Debug info in Browser Console” Option

  5. Once again, good afternoon.

    – Activate the «View Debug info in Browser Console» (no conflicts found)

    – I created a new product by disabling all third party plugins.
    – You’re right, I’m getting a different message now.

    – same settings – 30: I want to add to cart 61, I get a message:
    “Введите допустимое значение. Ближайшие допустимые значения 60 и 90.”

    If I enter 29 then I get a message: “Значение должно быть больше или равно 30”


    P.S: только заметил, что есть кириллица =) Не хотелось бы отнимать ваше время, сайт сейчас не в сети.
    Суть в том, что плагин не позволяет добавить в корзину товар введенный вручную и не кратный указанному шагу. Не похоже что это связанно с темой или другими плагинами.
    Так же как если указан минимальный заказ 30, но вводишь руками 29. Получаешь сообщение о невозможности добавить товар, вместо к примеру автовыставления до указанного минимального значения.

    Раньше я использовал другой плагин для этих целей и он работал, но по каким то причинам автор убрал эту функцию в новой версии продукта. Перепробовал разные аналогичные плагины наткнулся на ваш. Могу дать более развернутую информацию на почту, если удобно.

  6. Hello, I’m using your plugin which is really great.
    I have some products that are sold by weight and need to have decimals, and others that are sold by unit, and I would like this to be done automatically based on a custom field that indicates the product’s unit. I would like this to be done only for the field marked as ‘kilo’ and not for the others. Do you have any suggestions on how to achieve this?

    Thank you so much for your great work.


    1. Hello Olivier!

      Send me an email at: [email protected]
      Include a link to each of these products. I want to take a look to better understand your problem.

  7. Добрый день.
    Хороший плагин.
    Работает для простых товаров.
    Планируется для вариаций?

      1. До конца немного не понял ( Цена 20?

        1. Да. Но продать не получится.
          Санкции. ((

          1. Напишите свой телеграм . Пообщаемся.

          2. Доброго дня. Ничего не поменялось?
            Вижу есть оплата в ПейПале.

          3. К сожалению – Нет.
            Аккаунт (с положительным балансом) на PayPal есть, но использовать его нет возможности. Ждем Перемен.

  8. hi we have an issue with decimal quantity plugin:

    We set minimum and step to 0.1 on a single item, global setting remain minimum and step remains 1.

    We wish to manually create order for customers to place orders, when we create the order with the product with 0.9 in quantity, it wont let us create order.

    we’ve checked the console and get us error: An invalid form control with name=’order_item_qty[130475]’ is not focusable. ​

    But if the order is already created, we can modify the quantity to decimal.

    Is it possible to provide an update or quote on letting us create the order with decimal number of particular product, yet have all the site item remain step, min at 1.

    Because this is only one product we need the function to work, and manually create backend order is how we create orders.

    Looking forward for the reply,

  9. Hi,
    Once the item is in the cart, if the amount is changed, an error comes up. Is there a way to make it possible to edit the cart amounts? We have a fabric shop and sell in steps of 0.25 for a quarter yard and up.

  10. Hi guys,
    I came across a major issue for me – no_stock_amount at zero, but when the item reaches below 1, it becomes “out of stock”. Is there any way to fix it from your plugin’s code?

    J. Stransky

    1. Hello Jan!

      I could not repeat your situation.

      Send me an email at: [email protected]
      Include a link to this product. I want to take a look to better understand your problem.

  11. Hello good afternoon. Thanks for your upgrade to Version 10.30. The resource “Added the ability to use Product – JS Object for Ext.Integration: DPQW_Get_QuantityData (Product_ID)” will be very useful. Grateful. Sergio. (netmorais).

  12. Hello,

    Im trying to buy the Decimal Product Quantity for WooCommerce PRO but paypal say’s you cannot accept paypmenst how can we solve this?

    1. Everything is blocked for Russian. And I don’t know when this will All End.

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