Plugin Notes

This plugin is rarely updated. Yes there is no need. A good tool and it does its job well. And you do not need to do anything to improve it and make it the operating system. Respect to the author, because he understands.
This plugin no PRO version.

But there is a small, annoying problem (about which most people probably do not even know, especially someone on free hosting sites). This plugin makes a lot of error entries in the log file.
And in general it is possible to live with it. But over time, the log file can grow to an enormous size. This somehow affect the system performance.

Very useful and easy to use plugin. It allows the site administrator to make a small note in the dashboard on Plugins page.
You can allocate an additional color, each information block.

When a lot of installed plugins, then after a while it can be difficult to remember some of the features for a specific plugin. Especially when they are updated.

Your own comment to the plugin will always be much more informative than the original.

Plugin Notes. screenshot-2

To my shame, I confess, that when I first decided out of curiosity to see the log file at its first site for WP, then I was shocked. The size of the log file was 3,8GB!

Plugin Notes. error

But apparently it worked as it should and I do not even think about anything. And it was necessary to think …

Therefore, we just fix this unfortunate misunderstanding. And we will go on.

Get access to the description page of the modification process and download files.

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