Custom Scripts for Gravityforms PRO


  • Author: WPGear
  • Version: 1.3 (2021.11.19)
  • Description: Forbidden to Publish in the Official WP Repository Plugin – allows you to easily and conveniently connect your Custom Scripts to GravityForms.
  • Requirements:
    • Works with PHP 7.4 (min PHP 5.4 for previous versions WP)
    • Works with GravityForms up to v2.4.23
    • Works with WP 5.8 (min 4.9)
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Add Custom JS Scripts to Forms GravityForms.

An easy and convenient way to connect your external Custom JS Scripts to GravityForms.

* Only Admin Can View & Set Path/URL of Script.
* It is possible to quickly enable / disable Custom JS Scripts.
* The controls and options are located on the GravityForms Settings page.
* There is an Example of a generic User Script. (sample.js) It outputs to the Browser Console information about the Form ID and Field ID/Values, which are changed in the process of filling the Form.

* Works with PHP 7.4 (min PHP 5.4 for previous versions WP)
* Tested with Gravity Forms up to 2.4.23
* The ability to work with Nested Forms.

Normal automatic installation.

Why is there no Free Plugin Version?

– Initially, this plugin was made absolutely Free. The paid version was not even planned.
But the WordPress Moderators refused to Publish the Plugin in the official Repository, due to the fact that now they have decided to Disallow the Publishing of all new Plugins that allow the User (even the Administrator) to connect to Pages / Posts / Forms – Custom Scripts, CSS Styles and others any files.
They are trying to argue that this threatens the Security of the Sites.
It’s useless to argue. (An attempt was made to find a compromise in the form of an updated version, in which only Admin can edit and even see the Option. But there was a categorical Refusal. Like: Admins can also do stupid things and hurt themselves!) Although, such statements do not lend themselves to reasonable logic.
That is why, since it is no longer possible to offer this Plugin Officially and Free of charge, then it can be Purchased.

  • 1. GravityForms Settings page with activated plugin “Custom Scripts for Gravityforms PRO”.

    2. An example of how the Custom Script (sample.js) works in the Browser Console.


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