WordPress Plugin Review Team. Cools of Anonymous.

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That’s unexpected.

Now, something new. It smelled like a Dictatorship from where they did not expect. It shouldn’t smell like that.

I would insist (well, as I insisted, I would demand if I could …) that each of the “WordPress Plugin Review Team” Moderators find the courage to put their Signature. Nickname would suit me.

Otherwise, this is not a conversation at all and not even an Ultimatum. Because you don’t understand who exactly you are talking to. Who exactly is hiding behind Cools of Anonymity.

In a properly constructed Model of the System – this is unacceptable, because – it stimulates the development of petty qualities of the Personality. Even if they – these Personalities are guided by quite good intentions at some short interval.

But most likely – this is also not true. Not with good intentions, but with a desire to move forward. I hope that you will be fired. Or you yourself will do something quite worthy of being expelled. And this is inevitable. You will certainly “Burn” and turn into a complete Monster. All decent people will turn their backs on you. You will allegedly become a Victim without even realizing why. Well, that’s what you want.

Because at some point you had to say No. And try in spite of everything to make this world a little better. But it’s probably too late. You are corrupted and perverted by your alleged Omnipotence, projecting the idiotic Rules of the Game onto other people. And if these Rules suit you, then at some point it will be difficult to distinguish and distinguish you in this environment of Idiocy.

Although it may well be for yourself that you have done a lot of useful things earlier. Maybe you invented the new Esmarch Mug or wrote a super useful Plugin. I could become your Fan. But I cannot know that. Because you are Anonymous. And it went off.

You even threaten me. Threatening to close all my Plugins. For trying to ask you uncomfortable questions. Are you not being forced to do mean things? Or are they forced?

  • If they force you – and you do, then you – to put it mildly, are not Cool at all.
  • If you do not force – and you do, then you – roughly speaking, you smell like Shit.

In any case, the Neuro-Network of the primitive Amoeba level will cope with the function that you are currently performing. “Deny” / “Allow” on the basis of a given framework, boundaries within strictly specified limits within which those from above allow you – this is unbearable for a Creative Personality. And if it suits you, then you yourself wash to come to quite definite conclusions. If you can. If you allow yourself.

Although, exceptions are possible and you get satisfaction from what you do. I can completely admit it. But then, it’s even worse. Hatred and Creepy. In one bottle. Pathology in extreme forms of neglect against the background of the absence of sex.

Sometimes, you can afford not to consider my new Plugins for a month! You say later, Ops. Something went wrong. You don’t have to fool us. Everything went exactly as you intended. True, for me it is not clear why in relation to me. Is it selective? What have I done wrong? Tell me? I can see that you are so painfully picky about me. Can’t you eat? Come on? I am nothing. I myself am Primitive, but I do not hide this either and am ready to be ironic over myself and over my Creations. So let’s sneer together.

Just start signing at the end of your Answers.


Having smoked a couple of pipes of good tobacco, I think that this is not about you personally. You are just a Function. So, you need to completely rewrite you as a Function.

Sanitize_Moderator ();

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