WP Chat App. Manual – How to activate the functionality of the PRO version.


How to activate the functionality of the PRO version.New features.
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  • Plugin Directory https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-whatsapp/
  • Author: NinjaTeam
  • Version: 2.6
  • Description: WhatsApp Chat plugin for WordPress allows you to enable WhatsApp click-to-chat widget on your website. This is the best way to connect and interact with your audience. Via WhatsApp button, you can offer support directly, build trust and increase customer loyalty.

WP Chat App – really the best of many plugins for adding WhatsApp Chat with a site support group.

In the free version, you can choose on which pages the button will be connected to WhatsApp.
But apart from the WooCommerce Store Catalog pages.
Although on the Product pages, you can add a WhatsApp button next to the Cart, with a choice of display options when placing an order.
The PRO version is devoid of such restrictions.
And it should be noted that the PRO version is not expensive at all and it is worth its money.

Nevertheless, if other PRO buns are not important to you, but you want the WhatsApp button to be present on all Pages of your site, then you can Buy the Instructions on how to do it yourself for a very symbolic cost of $ 1.


Self-editing source code according to simple and clear instructions.

  • We only modify one file. Several lines.

See a working example of a modified plugin WP Chat App.


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