The idea of this project is gradually loomed as some plugins and themes used on administrated sites being overgrown with a variety of additional scripts.

Sometimes it is a lack of functionality (though obvious) or when needed functionality is only accessible in PRO version of the Theme / Plugin for additional price.

Sometimes it is possible to convince plugin authors to include useful and needed goodies in their new version. However, often – not.

The represented herein modified scripts with the extended functionality successfully perform their tasks. Definitely, it will be useful for those who uses WordPress to implement their creative ideas.

However, it would be wrong to publish these modified scripts in WordPress repository as clones of original products. Also, it is not ethical to proceed discussion of our products (changes or solutions) on author’s forums in respect to their own vision of their products development. So if the author does not consider it necessary to make some improves, then so be it.

Another common situations when not necessary to buy a full version of Themes / Plug-in, just because of an only small part of it you really need and especially knowing that the price of PRO version higher than it is expected. Especially if you do not really need other options.

That is why the idea of the WPGear project as an alternative solution to all these problems raised.

The main idea is providing of possibility to get only needed advanced features for reasonable price.

Attention! All scripts represented on this site (extended versions of the original scripts) are the result of our own development based on reengineering and careful investigation of the content represented in public domain.

Be sure – no malicious code inclusions! Moreover, some of very serious threats were found in the official plug-ins published in the WordPress repository (sometimes concealed carefully). Not just a security issues in the form of a leaky code but active BackDoor systems. In fact, the Plugins (sometimes with an interesting, attractive and relevant idea) built around of a destructive core. In such cases, it is necessary to engage in scalping and disposal of plug retaining declared functionality.


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