Hit Counter Max. (WPGear edition)


Clearing. Remove Back-Door SpyWare!
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  • Plugin Directory https://wordpress.org/plugins/hit-counter-max/
  • Author: Greg
  • Version: 2.0
  • Description: Hit Counter Max is a simple wordpress plugin that embeds a rotating counter in your blog and shows the number of visits your website has. By default the web counter will be displayed in your footer, to change the location of the counter simply navigate to your widgets page and embed it anywhere you want in your blog. You can also change the hit counter style so it can fit with the design of your blog. Navigate to -> Settings -> Bliss Hit Counter and select your preffered style.

Nice, easy to install an absolute count of views your site. Counts everything. That is, how many pages and posts of our site visitor looked – at as the counter will increase. Especially nice for small not very popular new resources.
You can choose the most appropriate style for meter readings from a large set.

We also use this counter in our website.


Big trouble awaits all who installed this plugin. Now, on your website a huge hole through which specially trained very capable people will be creative with absolutely no demand and without your knowledge.

This is the case when there are malicious code built attractive shell. This bait, which the victim finds itself as it installs itself.

The modification is to cut out all unnecessary and pernicious, while maintaining an attractive functionality. We do not add anything, and vice versa – just cut out.

  • Additionally – fixed restoring the current counter value when you edit its properties.


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