Plugin Notes Label

Add your Notes to each plugin.

This Plugin allows you to Add personal Notes, comments, memo to each of the Plugins.
You can change or delete any Note at any time.
Notes are available to anyone who has access to the Plugins page.

Here are some reasons why “Plugin Notes Label” is needed and useful:

  • Over time, sometimes you forget exactly why this or that Plugin was installed.
  • Some Plugins have to be modified (although this is not correct), and their updating requires special attention. That is, you need to remind yourself and others that you cannot update such a Plugin without careful preparation.
  • Sometimes you expect a specific new promised functionality from a certain Plugin, and up to this point, all intermediate updates are not particularly important.
  • Anyone who administers WordPress can remember a few more similar reasons. ))

= Futured =
* Add, Edit, Delete Notes – does not require page refresh.
* Notes fit neatly and compactly into the general list of Plugins without breaking the original style.
* Displays Notes on the page: “update-core”. This is especially important if any Plugin requires special attention.
* Works correctly with Translated Plugin Names.
* Works correctly with HTML Entity in Plugin Names.
* Setup-Page:
– “Enable Setup-Page for Admin only” On/Off
– “Show note Author” On/Off
– “Show note Date” On/Off
* “Import” – “Export”. Now, you can easily transfer multiple Notes as a Collection to different sites.
– “Import”. All Notes are imported, along with information about the creation date and author name.
“Export”. If the Note already exists, but it does not exist in the Export file, then the Note remains unchanged. If the File contains a Note about a Plugin that is not on this site, then the Note will be saved and will be displayed when such a Plugin is installed.
* “Clear All Notes”:
– It can be useful in some cases when you need to completely Delete all Notes.

Version: 4.15 (2024.05.10) You can download it from here.

Download “” – Downloaded 202 times – 14 KB

Or from the Official WordPress Repository

== Installation ==

Normal automatic installation.

== Frequently Asked Questions ==

== Screenshots ==

  1. screenshot-1.png This is the Admin Dashboard Plugins-Page with a “Plugin Notes Label”.
  2. screenshot-2.png Edit Content box interface.
  3. screenshot-3.png Setup-Page with Options.
  4. screenshot-4.png This is the Admin Dashboard Plugins-Page with a “Plugin Notes Label” with Options: “Show note Author” & “Show note Date”.
  5. screenshot-5.png This is the Admin Dashboard Update-Page with a “Plugin Notes Label”.

6 thoughts on “Plugin Notes Label”

  1. I am using “Plugin Notes Labels”.
    I installed a small plugin in WordPress and the labels didn’t show up.
    Please let me know the minimum required code in the php file of the plugin.

    1. Hello hcc dtp!

      An interesting but incomprehensible question. ))
      Too little information.

      Can you tell me which plugin you have installed?
      I would like to try it too, to replicate your problem. Then, I will be able to answer something specific.

          1. After overwriting with the downloaded plugin, “Note:” was displayed.
            Thank you.

            Was it because the code contained hieroglyphs (Japanese characters)?
            It seems that the character code is also different.
            (My files is UTF-8, yours is Shift-JIS)

          2. No))
            Files in my version of your plugin are encoded: UTF-8
            However, I will not argue. If you are satisfied, then everything is OK.

            If you meet Takeshi Kitano, say Hello to him.

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