Plugin Notes Label

Add your Notes to each plugin.

This Plugin allows you to Add personal Notes, comments, memo to each of the Plugins.
You can change or delete any Note at any time.
Notes are available to anyone who has access to the Plugins page.

Here are some reasons why “Plugin Notes Label” is needed and useful:

  • Over time, sometimes you forget exactly why this or that Plugin was installed.
  • Some Plugins have to be modified (although this is not correct), and their updating requires special attention. That is, you need to remind yourself and others that you cannot update such a Plugin without careful preparation.
  • Sometimes you expect a specific new promised functionality from a certain Plugin, and up to this point, all intermediate updates are not particularly important.
  • Anyone who administers WordPress can remember a few more similar reasons. ))

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Decimal Product Quantity for WooCommerce

Products like: Pizza, Liquid on the filling, Custom weight, etc.

The plugin makes it possible to sell Products as whole or in parts: 0.5 1.5 etc.

For example:

  • Pizza. You can sell 1.5 Pizzas, or a quarter. With the price set for 1 piece.
  • Liquids on tap. For example, Kerosene or Olive oil. You can sell 1.5 liters, with the price set for 1 liter.
  • Bulk materials. For example, Tobacco or Golden Sand. You can sell 0.1 g at a price quoted for 1 g.

= Futured =

* You can set the Minimum product quantity for all Products by default (preset = 1). But at the same time, each Product can have its own Minimum Quantity value.

* You can set the Step of Changing the quantity of goods for all Products by default (preset = 1). But at the same time, each Product can have its own value for the Change in Quantity Step.

*Works with WooCommerce specifics v5.5.1
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