Notice Interceptor

Notice Interceptor – is a development of the previous highly specialized Plugin: “Dismiss Grity Notices“.

Tool for creating a comfortable living environment in the WordPress admin area without annoying notifications and ad units.

For some reason, many developers of Themes and Plugins believe that they just need to remind the Administrator of their existence every minute. Intrusive and obsessive offers to subscribe somewhere, buy something, like, poke something, etc.
And even the presence of the “disable” button does not guarantee that after a new entrance to the Admin panel, all this jumble of information garbage will not creep out again and will not take over part of the working space of the monitor screen.

The concept of this tool is to remove all unnecessary, but give an opportunity to manage this Information Garbage. It is possible that under certain circumstances something from all this is really necessary and useful. And you just know where you have it, on which shelf. You reach out and take it, study it. And then you put it away again so it doesn’t get in the way.

How it works:

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Dismiss Gravity Notices

Real Dismiss any Exasperate Notices about GravityForms, GravityView invalid license and e.t.c.

I am not against and even with two hands for using the Licensed Software. 100%
And I do not urge anyone to use hacked / nulled products.

However, sometimes you just need to check your own Projects for compatibility with others.
And if they can be used with explicit restrictions, no support, no upgrade, etc.
(everything that is listed in the License), then there should be no additional perverted annoying huge sizes that simply interfere with the normal operation of notifications, pop-ups, etc.

When most of the screen is occupied by notifications about: ‘that without a License, I cannot receive Support’, then this is not normal!
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PHP lib: phpExcel for WP5.7 (PHP 7.4)

Popular phpExcel library does not work under new WordPress 5.7 because WP5.7 requires PHP 7.4
As a result, exporting data to an Excel file does not work.

You can switch to new, alternative, modern tools for exporting to Excel tables, or continue to use the familiar phpExcel library, but specially modified for the requirements of PHP 7.4

This modification was done independently, taking into account the flow of falling out errors. It is likely that over time, new problem areas will be identified, but at the moment they are not. All the features you need (for me anyway) work great.

There are no evil facking-hack inclusions. Guaranteed.

List of changes:

* This library is already included in the set of WordPress libraries .

Free to download.

Download “phpExcel lib for WP5.7 (PHP 7.4)” – Downloaded 191 times – 890 KB

WP Chat App. Как активировать функционал PRO версии.

WP Chat App

really the best of many plugins for adding WhatsApp Chat with a site support group.

In the free version, you can choose on which pages the button will be connected to WhatsApp.
But apart from the WooCommerce Store Catalog pages.
Although on the Product pages, you can add a WhatsApp button next to the Cart, with a choice of display options when placing an order.
The PRO version is devoid of such restrictions.
And it should be noted that the PRO version is not expensive at all and it is worth its money.

Nevertheless, if other PRO buns are not important to you, but you want the WhatsApp button to be present on all Pages of your site, then you can Buy the Instructions on how to do it yourself for a very symbolic cost of $ 1.

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Об отключении работающих Плагинов модераторами WordPress.

* Google Translated. Sorry.
Moderators are a special caste of people.
They are essential as a function, of course. But for the most part, this is an ecstasy of their power (even if very small).
It is possible that the function was originally designed incorrectly.
“The actions of the Moderators are not discussed or criticized” – this is the main violation of all basic Human principles.
An anonymous, unknown man, based on his strange worldviews and principles (or their absence), makes decisions that cannot be challenged in a simple and accessible way.

Lived – There were several quite useful and convenient free Plugins.
They were written in WP 4.2 and even earlier.

And they didn’t require absolutely any changes due to the WP core update. That is, they work fine on the most recent versions of WP. Checked for 5.6.1 at the time of this writing.

That is why there was no point in releasing updates for them, in which only one line in the readme.txt file would change.

That is, Users with WP versions older than 4.2 have seen that the Plugin has not been tested on these versions and has not been updated for several years.
Users in this situation have 3 options:
1. Do not install such a Plugin so as not to create problems for yourself.
2. Ask the TP of the Plugin if it will work on new versions and why it is not being updated.
3. Install on your own (after making the BackUp system). And in case of failure, write in the TP of the Plugin that something is wrong with it.

Either option is correct.

This is how I assumed the development of events. There was often not enough time for more important things than creating the appearance of activity.

Well, it’s the same as if the Moon hasn’t been renewed for billions of billions of years. But it works!

However, the Moderators decided at some point that it was so wrong. And there is no more important thing for them how to disable these Plugins. And for one thing and disable the ability to publish new Plugins.

Or maybe it was not even real people who did it – Moderators, but automatic scripts with certain filters. And it’s also unfair in this story that the WP Plugin Repository has a lot of Plugins that have not been tested for many years for new versions of WP.

Punitive sanctions are selective and targeted.

Yes. WordPress is actively developing. But in the process of active development, Mutations occur in many. Initially beautiful Creation, sometimes turns into a Bitchy Aunt. It’s a shame when this happens to your dear Project.

I’m not even trying to talk about this on the WP Forum.
All my Posts and Comments are pre-Moderated and many of them (the best, even according to some of the former Moderators) are not published. ))

I guarantee that everything you say (except for explicit advertising) will be published.
This is the essence of communication and the search for truth.

GV Excel-Export

Make realy comfortable, complete export to normal Excel files from GravityView.

GravityView (whatever my attitude towards him) popular tool. But the built-in Export allows to generate only CSV files. For many, this is inconvenient and insufficient, because tedious post-processing of such files is required. The presence of the Cyrillic alphabet in the name of the fields can greatly spoil the mood and desire to do something.

This Plugin is designed to solve this problem.
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Counter Hits

A simple, easy, fast, local, objective counter to visit your site.

It does not use any additional requests to other servers, which means it consumes minimal resources.

Displays the count of all views of any page as a number.
You can customize your own display style. Use class: ‘wpgear_counter_hits’

Just paste Shortcode 'Get_Counter_Hits' wherever you like and that’s it.
Or you can use calls in PHP scripts code:
echo get_Counter_Hits (0);

As a result, you get: 414027

If the Counter is installed on a Site that already has certain ratings, then you can adjust the readings using the attribute base. For example: 'Get_Counter_Hits base = "100000"' will add + 100000 offset to the current Counter.

As a result, you get: 514027
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“Hack-Info” – Free tools (Now, “Hack-Info” – it is a standalone independent complete tool.
Previously, it was like Add-On for “iThemes Security”. But time has shown that it is bad to be dependent on others.. Especially when their DB structure changes.
) to make improve the perception of information about events, which is important to quickly and in detail see and understand. Without the need for unnecessary clicks and conversions. “Hack-Info” notifies the site administrator by providing a detailed list of IP addresses, requests – attempts to scan resources and search for passwords with names.

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